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Vanier Flame Models

Administrator April 18, 2013


It’s an amazing year and colleges have been participating with events that students have a great time looking at. Especially in colleges, students have different interests and are really passionate on their path they choose to work in. These students are a great variety who want to build their resumes up with jobs and experiences that can help them show how passionate they are in their fields which links to more opportunities in the future.

flame model posterIn fact, Vanier College had an event that the Vanier Insider, school newspaper, mentioned about the college having a modeling contest. The founder and his team are also students who put a lot of effort and time into this event to make it viral; therefore, the students and other notice others students creativity and passion.

Vanier Flame Models is the event that was held which is basically a modeling contest with the models being Vanier students. Thus, in total six students, three males and females, we’re all competing against each other but were amazing team workers and had an amazing time doing the photo shoots for the contest. Once the team came up with the posters, they were posted around the college and then later the models went through a photo shoot for the contest. The pictures were taken around the Vanier campus that turned out to be amazing looking pictures.

The voting started April 3rd and went on for a week until April 10th. The winners were called out based on each of the contestants votes on their photos and in the end there was one male and female winner. It benefited them because they walk away with a free portfolio and a gift basket of cosmetics.

The portfolio is going to be prepared by the Vanier Flame Model headquarters by doing so a another photo shoot that the winners will undergo. These photos will be handed to them which will also be featured here on Fashionology 101.

Finally, the founder calculated the votes and Vanier’s Top Flame Models are Diana Auguste and Daniel Rivas. These two students are Vanier colleges winter 2013 semester Top models. This looks like an amazing event also that perhaps should be done often; for example, every semester. It would allow students to try a hobby or career within their school environment while they do their studies. It looks like a great start and Congratulations Diana and Daniel…Double D’s!

Vanier Flame Models page


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Twitter: @vanierinsider




Co-Founder/Creative Director/Stylist – Suraj Rajwans

Photographer/Make-up – Varvara Kameneva

Assistant – Patricia Michelena

Stylist Assistant – Andrea Gamboa


What program are you guys in? and how did you like the atmosphere of the photo shoots you guys did?

Daniel Rivas: “I’m in the Respiratory and Anesthesia Tech Program and the atmosphere was good”

Diana Auguste: “Modern Languages, and it was fun”

Did you like the experience! Would you have tried this again if you had not won the contest?

Daniel Rivas: “yeah sure, to bad I won though”

Diana Auguste: “Mhmm, Of course I would”



Diana Auguste


Daniel Rivas

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