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Administrator June 10, 2013


An aloof contribution by


By Juan B

Katie Eary

Katie Eary

I can still recall my uncle, a retired military, making a big fuss about my aunt having bought a set of flower-pattern sheets for their bed.

” There’s no way on earth I’m sleeping on those sissy sheets!” he ranted. His distress arose, as though his very masculinity were in jeopardy, on account of yet another foul “feminine” scheme, one of those plots often played on him by either his wife or some of his four daughters.

On witnessing the scene, even as a child, I wondered why a design sporting beautiful flowers should make any piece of clothing unsuitable for a man to wear –let alone for a set


Jeremy Scott (adidas)

of bed linens. After all, there are in Nature not only female flowers, but also male ones. As a matter of fact, there are even hermaphrodite efflorescences!

But one should try and understand him. He had been raised long before the 60s and 70s, the hippy-style, and the “flower-power” revolution. My uncle must have hated those times, populated by long-haired guys in bell-bottom trousers and platform shoes. Gaultier even came up with a male skirt! Flower prints, psychedelic or otherwise, came into fashion for the gents, and also, of course, for the new “unisex” styles.

As for today, three decades later and well into the XXI century, a new generation of designers is in bloom. Literally: Colorful, flowery prints have been making their triumphal return. If one is to judge from recent collections, all sorts of blossoms have been spicing up the traditional dullness of male apparel in what seems to be a steady trend.

Who knows… if he were alive today, perhaps even my fusty uncle might try one of these elegant styles without feeling any threat to his manliness.







John Galliano


Wooyoungmi S/S 2013




Francis Montesinos


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