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Demi Lovato’s Single “Heart Attack”

Administrator April 17, 2013

Demi Lovato’s latest view, “Heart Attack”, finally out!

The fans waited for a long, long, LONG time for this video, and finally it came out last week, April 9th 2013 to be more precise.

Demi Lovato’s new video “Heart Attack” seems like a very dark video for a very heart lighted song. The song states the ups and downs of falling in love with the good guy, when you’ve only been with the wrong one, but then you realize all the good things this new guy brings to you! So in the end, it’s a joyful/dark song, right? So why does Demi has to make a very dark viewing?

The video shows two scenes, one with Demi and the band, and the other with Demi covered with black paint all over her hands with a blank background behind her head, which is the only thing we see in the scene. It’s a very interesting thought when you think about it, she feels like her dark past is going to ruin her new great relationship, but that’s it. That was the only interesting factor! Besides that, the lip sync for the video was bad, her movement toward the music were not matching the rhythm of the music, which was very bad.

Although these little problems, Demi looked gorgeous as ever, and her new album “DEMI” sounds very exciting! So far, it might even be her best piece!

Stay tuned for more Demi infos, and for the curious viewers, here’ s the video!


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